WaikatoLogo Current teaching (B trimester 2020)

Meaning, Understanding, and Truth

A course on the metaphysics of truth that covers correspondence theories, coherence theories, pragmatist theories, primitivist theories, identity theories, Tarski’s theory, deflationary theories, the value of truth, pluralist theories, relativist theories, and experimental and cross-linguistic inquiry about truth

Past teaching

WaikatoLogo University of Waikato

The Fundamental Structure of the World (A Trimester 2020)

A course on metametaphysics that covers the existence of fictional characters, the nature of persistence, the Quine-Carnap debate, quantifier variance, ontological realism, Thomasson’s easy approach, ontological pluralism, grounding, conceptual analysis in metaphysics, and feminist metaphysics

Yonsei University

Descartes’ Meditations and its Contemporary Relevance (formerly Contemporary Philosophy: Origins and Current Debates) (Fall 2016)

Critical Reasoning (Spring and Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Critical Reasoning (flipped class) (Fall 2017, Spring and Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019)

Philosophy of Religion (Fall 2015)

A course on Eastern and Western philosophy of religion. Topics include theistic arguments, the problem of evil, the natures of the soul and immortality, Divine Command Theory, and theism’s bearing on the meaning of life

Philosophy of Religion (flipped class) (Fall 2019)

Contemporary Philosophy: Origins and Current Debates (Spring 2015)

A course on Descartes’ Meditations and its relevance to contemporary philosophy, including debates about external-world skepticism, personal identity, the existence of God, and free will and moral responsibility

Moral Reasoning and Critical Judgment (Fall 2014)

An introduction to deductive logic, metaethics, and applied ethics for students pursuing the Justice & Civil Leadership major

University of Connecticut, as instructor of record

Eastern & Western Philosophy (9 sections)
Philosophy & Social Ethics (5 sections)
Problems of Philosophy (3 sections)
Philosophy of Religion (1 section)
Philosophy & Logic (1 section)

University of Connecticut, as graduate assistant

Problems of Philosophy (8 sections)
Non-Western Philosophy (4 sections)

Texas Christian University, as teaching assistant

Philosophy I: The Meaning of Life (4 sections)

Teaching-related honors and service

*Best Teacher Award (2015)

Underwood International College, Yonsei University (awarded to five faculty members at UIC)

*Commendation for Outstanding Teaching (Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2013)

University of Connecticut, as instructor of record

*UCONN Philosophy Senior TA Mentor (Fall 2010-Spring 2011)